Be Proud

Each day we wake up; we face challenges. Some of our challenges yield higher rewards than others. Other challenges are can seem down right unachievable. But today, I want to share with you six things that I’m proud of myself for.

1. I am a licensed massage therapist.

I set out over a year ago to add massage to my personal training business. After 7.5 months I made my dream a reality. As an LMT, I get to help people everyday. Utilizing intuition, education, and skill I can help someone release chronic pain that has been trapped for years.

2. I finally established myself a stock portfolio.

I remember being told, I will never have this, afford that, or be able to financially support myself. However, I didn’t want to settle with just a job that would pay my bills week to week. I wanted to have nest eggs.

3. I am preparing to purchase my first home for my children and I.

I have been told on countless occasions that I will never be able to own my own home. I am proud to say that I have found a program that encourages everyone to become homeowners. They provide financial bootcamp and education on the processes of home ownership.

4. Getting over being the stigma of single parenting.

I had my first child at 21 years old. For some reason I allowed the opinions of my family and “friends” to over shadow the fact that I was a grown woman. Historically, the women in my family had children while still in high school. I was in college and was still met with disappointment of my parents like I was a high school girl. I remember my stepfather didn’t speak to me for my entire pregnancy. I carried that around for too many years than I care to count.

5. I continue my education every chance I get.

As an LMT I get to continue my passion of learning. I am one of those people with trillions of life hacks and odd facts in their head. I don’t know why or how they stay in my head but they are there. I am now in a profession where that passion is met with other collaborators.

6. I am proud of myself for acknowledging my errors in limited thinking and low self esteem.

Why? Because I have to power to change how I think about myself. I am in control of my future and I am just the woman to get the job done. I no longer accept responsibility for situations that aren’t mine. This includes carrying the weight of others people’s toxic behaviors. I stand up for myself and speak out. I no longer accept other people’s shit. That doesn’t mean I am not empathic, it just means I have learned and learning to establish healthy boundaries between myself and others.

This week, I challenge all of you to find the hero in you. Write down six things that you are proud of yourself for.  Smile and be kind to yourself.